atvExplosives magazine security is becoming more and more important.  Already Canada and Pennsylvania require imaging or other electronic means of surveillance.  Magazine sites often are without power and BuckEye Cam™ provides long-term care-free monitoring by battery.  Power consumption depends on many factors, but users can expect at least a month of operation without changing batteries and nearly indefinite battery life with solar charging.  The low power and frequency of the system complies with the recommendations of IME SLP-20 meaning they are safe around commercial electric detonators kept in their packaging.  BuckEye Cam™ is safe around explosives anywhere cell phones are permitted.  Contact us if you have any questions about safety.  Imagine the comfort of knowing you will have an image of any intruder in the secure area via e-mail within a minute.  Any magazine location with cellular service is a candidate for BuckEye Cam™.