You can see the latest image from all the BuckEye Cam LiveCam accounts that are set by the user to allow public display here.  There may be more cameras behind each image so dig around a bit.  But we caution you, doing so can be addictive and result in a loss of productivity.  These are all the recent photos taken by these cameras, a good example that once it is on the Internet it is there forever.  They are not doctored in any way.  Remember to check the resolution and file size at the bottom of each photo since this is a key factor with wireless transmission.  You will see lots of nice photos that are less than 50 Kb.

Here are some of our cameras on six BuckEye Cam LiveCams.  Distances to landmarks in the field of view for each camera are listed.  In our opinion, you get excellent night images out to 30 feet.  Out to about 60 feet you can see shapes and outlines pretty well.  From about 60 to 100 feet, subjects are feint and highly depend on the contrast between the subject and the background.  Anything beyond 100 feet at night is pretty much invisible.

Camera 1

The block on the far right is at 54 feet.

The tree in the upper left is at 77 feet.


Camera 2

The small tree on the right is at 27 feet.

The trees in the background are at 60 feet.


Camera 3

The community rub tree is at 30 feet.


Camera 4

The tree on the right is at 55 feet.


Camera 5

The tree in the center is at 28 feet.

The tree on the left is at 69 feet.


Camera 6

The closest block is at 30 feet.

The pole is at 45 feet.

The next farthest block is at 60 feet.

The farthest block is at 90 feet.



Here are three videos taken with an X80 camera.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Here is a good independent review of the X7D camera’s imaging.  Our only issue with this review is that the camera’s final rating was downgraded because of the narrow trigger beam.  In our opinion, that is a positive, not a negative quality.  Especially now that an external trigger unit can be added to increase a camera’s detection zone.  Note that their final word was “If (Buckeye Cam) would widen their detection zone, this camera would win the Shootout every year.”