The base station is what sets a BEC system apart from the competition.  All the cameras (up to 254) communicate to the base, which communicates to the host PC.  The host PC runs the controlling software, stores the images and e-mails them (if desired).


BEC system Cellbase concept. With a PC Base, the cameras communicate directly to the PC without the need of a cellular network.

There are two kinds of BEC bases, a PC base and a Cellbase and both provide unique capabilities not found elsewhere.

A PC Base requires no cellular data connection.  It simply plugs into the USB port of almost any PC and communicates to the cameras or feeders.  A PC base is a good choice for a property where a PC can always be running.  If the PC can be connected to the Internet, it can e-mail images as they come in.

Unlike other cellular-based trail cams, a BEC Cellbase requires only one cellular data plan for up to 254 cameras.  It does not take long to recoup the cost of the Cellbase when running multiple cameras and having to pay for multiple data plans.  A Cellbase can be deployed anywhere a major cellular provider’s signal can be found.  Beyond that, it provides all the same features as a PC Base.