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BuckEye Cam™ is a game changer for scouting and trail camera applications.  No other system offers the high quality imaging with the subject consistently in the frame of view, reliability, remote operation, and affordability of multiple cameras that Buckeye Cam™ offers.  Yeah, it costs more than you wanted to spend, but ask yourself these questions:


QHow much time and money do I spend checking my trail cameras?


AWith BuckEye Cam™ you will only need to visit your cameras to change the battery.  Many times, you will want to move the camera before the battery needs changed.  For long term set-ups, solar charging can extend battery life many months.  Customers with full sun on their solar panel have continuous 100% charge! 

Compare the Costs of Traditional Trail Cameras to BuckEye Cam™

QHow much do I mess-up my area by getting human scent all over the place every time I check my cameras?


AAgain, with BuckEye Cam™ you will only visit your cameras to change the battery or move the cameras.  Ever wonder why bucks are looking right at your camera when their pic is taken?  It is because they smell it.  The pic of the big buck looking at the camera below was taken the first night the camera was out in that location.  Carbon suits are amazing, but only partially effective.

QHow often do I spook deer during the season while I check my cameras?


 AYou’ve heard it many times; big bucks only give you one chance to spook them in their core area. Then they relocate. That’s why they are big. With Buckeye Cam™, you can limit your exposure and minimize the chances of spooking the big boy.

QWhat is the value of getting immediate feedback from your trail cameras, instead of pictures potentially as old as the last time you checked your cameras?



In the Spring of 2014, I had one Monday morning to hunt turkey and only the day before to scout.  I found some scratching and put out 3 X80’s in the area on Sunday and got the photo on the left 10 minutes before sunset.  Seeing a mature gobbler that late in the day told me he had to roost nearby.  So I set up near the camera and sure enough, at daybreak he showed up with a jake and two hens.  Just after he passed the camera the second time, I ruined his day.  Taking this turkey would not have been possible without my BuckEye Cams™.

Going to roost

Going to roost 10 minutes before sunset.

About to die

About to die

Dead Turkey

Dead Turkey

Thank You BuckEye Cam!

Thank You BuckEye Cam!










This next tale does not have a story-book ending but does give an example of how important instant feedback could be.  I spent a couple weeks hunting the 2014 rut and had my X80s out in the area I was hunting.  I captured several shooter bucks, but only at night.  As the rut heated up, so did the bucks’ activity.  Scrapes appeared in the likely locations and I already had the cameras in those places.  Bucks were still visiting the scrapes at night but I did catch one buck cruising a trail at about 9:30 AM (see the video below).  It was on!  Over the next few days I hunted steady and saw some small bucks and got a glimpse of a nice shooter moving through the pines.  I moved closer to the pines for the last couple days of my hunt.  No shooters came by the first day.  Time was running out and I could hunt until 9 AM one last morning.  But before I went out, I checked by BuckEye Cams™ and saw photos of the biggest buck we’d seen so far that season.  Around 7:30AM though, a decent buck presented himself for harvest and I obliged.  But if I’d had a few more days to hunt, he would have gotten a free pass that morning.  I would not have had the choice without the instant feedback of BuckEye Cams™.










Another true story.  I missed this big boy 5 minutes after the photo below was taken by my an Orion. He walked right up the treeline to my stand 100 yards away.  Maybe I should have been paying more attention to the smart phone.  Regardless, the value of getting instant feedback from your cameras is hard to quantify.  Just imagine the possibilities.


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