wirelessdiagram BuckEye Cam™ is ideal for situations where there is a need for security and infrastructure is limited.  Magazines, seasonal dwellings, and storage yards or the fringes of otherwise secure sites are perfect for BuckEye Cams’™ portable and battery-powered systems.

The reliability of a BuckEye Cam™ system is unsurpassed.  The highest grade components are coupled with flawless engineering to provide rock-solid American-made performance.   In over 5 years of operating Orion, X7D and X80 cameras continuously, we have never had an equipment failure.  Except the one time a battery shorted out internally, but we can blame that on the Chinese.  We also had to send an Orion back for refocusing several years after purchase when the pictures became blurry.  Even though it was well passed the warranty expiration, there was no charge other than shipping.  Now, we cannot guarantee the same experience for everyone all the time, but it does go to show the kind of experience everyone can expect from a BuckEye Cam™.

Explosives magazine security is becoming more and more important.  Already Canada and Pennsylvania require imaging or other electronic means of surveillance.  Magazine sites often are without power and BuckEye Cam™ provides long-term care-free monitoring by battery.  Power consumption depends on many factors, but users can expect at least a month of operation without changing batteries and nearly indefinite battery life with solar charging.  The low power and frequency of the system complies with the recommendations of IME SLP-20 meaning they are safe around commercial electric detonators kept in their packaging.  BuckEye Cam™ is safe around explosives anywhere cell phones are permitted.  Contact us if you have any questions about safety.  Imagine the comfort of knowing you will have an image of any intruder in the secure area via e-mail within a minute.  Any magazine location with cellular service is a candidate for BuckEye Cam™.
Most industrial sites have security cameras, but these systems are usually limited by cost and power availability to the core elements of the operation.  Yet thieves and vandals often strike at the outer reaches of what we would like to think is the secure perimeter.  Areas such as storage yards and closed access routes such as trails to the secure perimeter are perfect for BuckEye Cam™.  Not only can BuckEye Cam™ keep watch out on the fringes, it can provide valuable back-up in the event the primary video surveillance systems fails.  The portability of BuckEye Cam™ allows you to move the system around to wherever it is needed.
Seasonal dwellings are targets for thieves and vandals because they know no-one is around a lot of the time. A BuckEye Cam™ system is a strong deterrent, will provide almost instant notification of trespassers and will provide important evidence in catching the perpetrators.  With attentive monitoring of incoming images, the authorities can be notified and may catch them in the act.  If that does not work, you might get your stuff back when they arrest them using your photos as evidence.  At the least, you will have satisfaction that they did not get away with it. Since images are sent off-site via e-mail, they are caught almost as soon as the picture is taken.  Dwellings with Internet access and a PC are candidates for a PC-Base system, while any location with cellular service can use the Cell Base system.

Camera Theft

No doubt that camera theft is a major issue with traditional trail cameras.  They are a bit like $100 bills tacked to trees in the woods.  But you can deploy your BuckEye Cam™ system with confidence.

Get Insurance. Our company’s cameras are on a commercial inland marine policy with our insurer.  Before we went “pro”, I had the cameras on a rider on my homeowner’s policy.  You can expect annual insurance rates of around one to two percent of the cost of the equipment.  That seems like quite a bargain for the peace of mind it provides.  The only type of theft not covered by our policy is theft from an unlocked vehicle.  Contact us if you would like to see a copy of our insurance policy or want more information.  Fortunately we have never had to file a claim.
BuckEye Cam™ intimidates thieves.  There is something about the antennae on the camera that deters thieves.  Its like those signs that say “Area under video surveillance”.  And its very difficult, if not impossible, to use a stolen BuckEye Cam™ as a traditional trail camera by anyone other than an owner.  Even if an owner of a BuckEye Cam™ system stole another’s camera, that camera could be “found” in cyberspace with the cooperation of the manufacturer.
Deploy with stealth and common sense.  Depending on the situation, anything from a security enclosure inside a fake rock to hanging on a strap may be appropriate for the camera.  The cameras are small enough to conceal with minimal effort as shown below.   The “black flash” used by BuckEye Cam™ does not give them away at night.  As a last line of defense, we place labels on all our cameras stating:”Theft of this camera is a felony” and”Images sent to landowner immediately”

Camera concealed in dead tree.


Camera concealed in brush pile.

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